Announcing Morrow, the global community for leaders who create and innovate with startups.
Catalytic capital for global, early-stage companies.
Illustrated image of happy promising founders at an accelerator demo day.
Investing in founders with passion, self-awareness, integrity, and the ability to execute and scale.
GAN Ventures is the first fund built for the Global Accelerator Network (GAN).
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headshot of Patrick Riley, CEO of Morrow and Managing Partner of GAN Ventures
Pat Riley
Pat was formerly on the executive team at the Red Cross and Techstars. He later went on to manage the west coast sales and operations for a venture-backed healthcare technology company that had an exit. He's now CEO of Morrow.
headshot of Reilly Flynn, Managing Partner of GAN Ventures
Reilly Flynn
Reilly has driven the mission and investment thesis of GAN Ventures since its very beginning. He works hard every day to build a community of engaged investors to bring value to GAN Ventures companies as the portfolio grows.
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